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Some examples of what people said about The Little Organising Company.

Absolutely brilliant. The kick up the bum I needed to get my post covid house in check. With working a full time job and looking after a 3 year old by myself the house just went to pot. Imogen came around and helped me sort out the utility room that I could barely get into without walking at an angle. She helped me focus on the job in hand, went through each item making me focus on what I need to keep, sell, store in a better place, Charity or take to the tip. We whizzed through everything in 3 hours. I have been left with beautifully clean, clear and functional utility room. My mountain of cardboard has been packed down and waiting outside for the refuse people, my car already has the box for the tip and charity shop. I also have a pile that I will be popping on Nextdoor and giving away, these are all labelled so I know exactly what I’m doing with everything. JUL 2020

You didn’t waste any time and were extremely efficient. You made it fun and were so inventive with the many different suggestions you made. The tips that you gave me I will be able to use in the future to carry on the good work! JUL 2020

Miraculous! imogen swept in like a breath of fresh air… Pointing out areas in my room that could be used in different and more productive ways and then helped me achieve this. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much but it was really rather exciting as I saw previous areas that were very cluttered transformed into organised, easily accessible and neat spaces. it really was a pleasure to have you come over and work your magic! JUL 2020

I felt Imogen had great energy from the moment I met her and I knew she would be great at her job. I am definitely a “put it in a drawer and forget about it” type person so the thought of organising didn’t massively appeal at first but I knew I needed help completing this job. I am SO happy I got Imogen to help – working with her is a dream, she gives helpful and practical advice to reduce or even illuminate these tasks in the future – ideal! Normally I find clearing out, filing and sorting out highly stressful and normally causes arguments with whomever I’m working with, but working with Imogen was a genuinely enjoyable experience which I would highly recommend. JUL 2020

I asked Imogen to help me declutter and reorganise the upstairs of my cottage which serves as an open plan office and bedroom. Her calm, gently challenging approach enabled me to remain focussed, to let go of items that I no longer needed and find logical places for things I did. Her attention to labelling storage bags and boxes has meant I can now find things easily.  She also brought fresh ideas to how the open space could be used more effectively, whilst ensuring the room looked clear. At all times we worked in partnership to achieve the agreed tasks which was important to me.  I also found it helpful that Imogen took away the items for the Charity shop so the task was completed at the end of our agreed time together. Thank you Imogen. RO LAVENDER

I have been extremely happy with the service provided by The Little Organising Company Limited. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have had help decluttering and reorganising my garage and home office.  Imogen is friendly, helpful and very supportive and encouraging.  She has taken items away for recycling and also sold other items on my behalf. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I look forward to working with her again soon. NICOLE SCOTT

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