Easy tips for an Eco-friendly Christmas

See my 1 minute video below – for Eco-friendly Christmas:

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Is it hard to find a balance between all the fun plastic stuff we buy for Christmas and the impact on people and our planet?


See below easy steps you can take:


(Source: The Soil Association)


– Only give gifts that people really need, avoid adding clutter to your loved ones homes

– Don’t guess, ask people what they want

– Make this year’s Christmas dinner an organic feast (budget allowing, think quality not quantity)

– Buy recycled wrapping paper & cards (avoid glitter and shiny stuff which cannot be recycled)

– Agree to buy secret Santa Gifts from a charity shop

– Avoid last-minute shopping for ‘top up’ presents (don’t be tempted by throwaway items)
– Remember presents aren’t the focus of Christmas, even for children

– Agree on a budget for children to work to for their Christmas Lists


Sustainable Gift Ideas:-

  • Buy gifts made from sustainable materials (Wooden toys, Organic beauty products, gifts made from existing material) @naturalcollection
  • Reduce Chrismas debt and get creative – give a promise voucher for babysitting, a summer picnic by a river or a free town walk @talesof tunbridgewells

Shopping bag storage

How to organise shopping bags

Do your shopping bags take up loads of room? Are they overflowing?


  1. Edit
  • Decide how many you really need
  • Be ruthless and only keep what you use
  • Remove damaged ones


  2. Organise

  • Divide into 2 or 3 different types (depending on what you use them for e.g Reusable ones, thin plastic, paper bags etc.)
  • Use a container for each type
  • A hanging container might work better for you
  • Fold or knot up where possible
  • This takes up much less space
  • The key to keeping tidy is maintaining it. It takes a conscious effort to fold but it only takes a few seconds each time
  • If you don’t want to fold make sure you keep each type in the container so you know where to find each type you use
  • You might want to keep a container of bags in the boot of your car (which will need to be topped up)


See more ideas below:


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How to organise sentimental items

How to edit and organise your sentimental items and mementos?

Reminding you of happy times, people or places.


Ticket stubs, stickers, old school books, your children’s paintings, beloved childhood teddy bears, whatever it is, you are likely to have some items which are very precious and you don’t want to part with. 


Top tips for editing and organising these:

  • Keep sentimental items together
  • Designate a box to keep mementos in
  • Choose a pretty or decorative box, making the most of what you cherish
  • Keep accessible so you can add or review items
  • Allocate one box for each member of the family
  • Don’t keep something just because it was a gift unless you really want it, once a gift is given its job is done
  • Decide how many of an item is enough?
  • Choose one or two of the same item, keep your favourite
  • Scan or photograph items instead of keeping items, this is a really effective way of letting go of items if you have limited storage space. 
  • Only keep what makes you smile, this may change over time, so do review your items intermittently
  • Frame or make a display feature of special items