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Practical support to create a calm, organised and inviting home

Professional home organiser
& declutter service

Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, surrounding villages and Online.

Helping create more space in your home and more time for you and your family. My clients see a difference in their houses and are empowered to make their home, and ultimately their life, more how they want it. It is about intentional living and recognizing you want something different and choosing it. Practical advice and motivational support. That is where I can help.

“Absolutely brilliant. The motivation I needed to get my post covid house in check.” K.W


Your home matters

It’s draining on your time, emotions, money and energy living in a home which is not working for you as it is. As a home organiser I see first hand how this effects my clients.

  • Improve your mental health – make your home as you want it, with space and air
  • Aid concentration – create a work-friendly home for all
  • Reduce stress – don’t look at clutter filling your home and things in disarray
  • Save time – looking for things
  • Save & make money – on costly storage units & selling items
Home organiser and declutter service

How it works

Hello, I’m Imogen Murphy

If you want support to create as much space as possible in your home, then give me a call.

To help explore with you what you no longer need and straight forward suggestions to keep things organised as you want long term, ring me to find out more.

  1. Contact me
  2. We talk through what you want
  3. We agree how many hours you need & cost
  4. If you are happy, we book a virtual or home session in the diary
  5. We work together to clear and organise the space


Home organiser to help you create space in your kitchen, wardrobe, toy room, garage, attic or your entire house.

Online & home support with:

  • Wardrobe declutter service
  • Create Work Zones for all
  • Support organising family life
  • Maximise your home sale value
  • Move home with less
  • Get organised in a new home
  • Downsizing to a smaller home
  • Clearing a loved one’s home
  • Create home for your new baby
  • Rediscovering space when children move out
  • Removal & selling service
  • Specialist valuation service

As a proudly Environmentally friendly company we work with you to re-home, recycle or donate to charity to reduce landfill waste.


Call me for a FREE no obligation chat so I can understand what you are looking for.



Imogen Murphy

Online home organiser
and declutter service
and onsite in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Wadhurst, Crowborough, Paddock Wood,
East Grinstead and beyond kent.

Home organiser and declutter service