The Donation Directory


Here is a list of places for you to donate, sell or re-home your pre-loved belongings. Especially the more unusual stuff…


Reduce landfill, extend the life of an item, donate to charity or make some cash.

I’ve mentioned some places around Tunbridge wells, but these are ideas you can use anywhere. I’ve collated this list as I’ve re-homed items for my clients and in my own life, as I hate the idea of waste.


Please let me know your tips or if my list needs updating, so it’s fresh for everyone to use.



Blankets, linen & towels

Books, music & DVDs

Broken household items

Camping equipment

Coins & Foreign money

Clothing (good condition)

Clothing (damaged)

Clothing (cashmere)

Coat hangers

Computer games


Duvets & pillows

Electrical items


Food items

Furniture & Antiques

Glasses, sunglasses  & contact lenses

House Clearance

IT and computer equipment

Jewellery (including broken)

Kitchen knives (TBC)

Kitchen equipment (TBC)

Makeup bottles (cleaned)

Medicines (out of date and unwanted)

Mobile phones and tablets

Pre-used Bras

Printer toner cartridges

Stamps & collector packs

Stationery, art supplies & folders


Also see the Tunbridge Wells Repair Cafe 

Blankets, linen and towels

Good condition: 

Donate to charity shop or post on Next door app


Clean but well used:

Wildlife or animal sanctuaries

Folly Wildlife Rescue, Kent/Sussex

(not all will take pillows but call and ask)



Books, Music & DVDs


General charity shops,  Oxfam bookshops



Music Magpie 


The Book Buyer (rare or unusual)


Broken household items


For items like coffee machines, textiles, and jewellry amongst other things – If you want it fixed try the Tunbridge Wells Repair Cafe 


Beyond repair:

Electrical items, batteries, wood can all be recycled and the raw materials used in other goods. Please don’t put them in the bin, this will just be added to landfill.  Book a slot at your local recycling centre.


Camping equipment

Post on Next Door app or Facebook



Coins & Foreign money

Coins (Gold, Silver)

Can be sold by weight. Ask at a local jewellers.


Collectible coins and packs

Ebay (look up similar items to get an idea of worth)

Get valued. See the directory of coin dealers, which includes Warwick & Warwick


Foreign money

Donate to charity.

Alzheimers Society request pre-paid envelope)

RNIB (request pre-paid envelope)




Heart of Hospice (good quality)

Hospice in the Weald, including North Farm Industrial site, which has good access.

Oxfam, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge 


Sell: (free postage bags, they sell for you at %) (free postage bags, they sell for you at %)

Vinted (Luxury brands)




You can batch clothes to sell if required.

For more on selling clothes – my top tips for selling clothes 


Clothes (damaged or stained)

Separate from good condition clothing. Bag up and label ‘Rags’. Donate to Charity shop (call ahead). See below for Cashmere.


If you want to remember a lovely item of clothing for a sentimental reason – use a section of the material to be made into a bag or home item by Lovingly Made by Lucie


Cashmere clothing

Donate to charity shop (good condition)

Turtle Dove gloves (receive a free pair for your donation)


Coat Hangers

Ask at Charity shops or dry cleaners.

Post on Next Door app to see if anyone looking for some.

Wood and metal hangers can be taken to Recycling Centre.

Plastic ones cannot normally be recycled (metal tops can be removed for recycling)


Computer games


CEX, Tunbridge Wells (and online)


Curtains & Blinds

Sell (great condition):

The Curtain Exchange (area dependent), Vinted or donate to a charity shop. The Haines Collection might sell depending on the quality of the material.


Damaged, stained or sun-bleached:

Donate as ‘Rags’ to a charity shop or take to the textiles Recycling Centre

Duvets & Pillows

Post on Next Door app  (Clean and in good condition)

Take to the Recycling Centre (damaged or stained)


Electrical items

Good working order donate:

British Heart Foundation, Grosvenor Road (Free collections)

Hospice in the Weald, TW industrial estate & at Hospice in Pembury





Broken but repairable:

For items like coffee machines, radios, toasters amongst other things – If you want it fixed try the Tunbridge Wells Repair Cafe 


Beyond repair:

Electrical items, batteries, can all be recycled and the raw materials used in other goods. Please don’t put them in the bin, this will just be added to landfill.  Book a slot at your local recycling centre.



Used fireworks can be submerged in water for 24 hrs and put in your normal rubbish bin. For unused see more information here


Food items

Donate (in date items):

Nourish Community Foodbank or your local group. See the link for what is needed and collection points.


Next door app for items food banks don’t need. Post a photo of what you have.


OLIO app to share food in your community – even if you have half a cake left.


Too Good To Go app Restaurants can share food which is perfect but going out of date soon. Have fun collecting a magic bag.


Out of date food:

See your local food recycling collections – so food can be used as energy.





Glasses,  Sunglasses & Contact Lenses


Peeps (by post)


Take to your local Boots or Vision Express store


Non-prescription sunglasses can also be donated (good condition) otherwise take to Recycling centre


Used Contact Lenses can be recycled Vision Direct


House Clearance

British Heart Foundation (Charity)


They will quote and clear an entire house or just a room. Cost depends on what is being cleared

They sell or recycle what they remove. Collection included.


IT and computer equipment


CEX, Tunbridge Wells (and online)



UK computer recycling

Computers 4 Charity


Good condition:

Donate to most charity shops.


Alzheimer’s Society (request pre-paid envelope)

Broken or damaged:

Alzheimers Society request pre-paid envelope)

General metal can be taken to Recycle centre.


Gold, silver or precious stones:

Take to a trusted local jeweller for advice on sale. Gold and silver can be sold by weight too.

Mobile phones, Tablets


CEX, Tunbridge Wells (and online)



Oxfam (any condition)

Ink and Toner Recycling Limited (any condition)


Make up bottles

Superdrug (cleaned)




Boots chemists and most pharmacies (will take unwanted or out of date medical items)


For more information on clinical waste collection 


Printer Cartridges

Stationery, pens art supplies & folders

Ask at local schools if they can use the items.

Or post on Next Door app or Facebook


Used stamps

Donate to charity. Ideally, separate into the UK and international stamps. Money raised by weight.

RNIB (request pre-paid envelope)


Stamp books and collectible packs

These also are accepted for donations and will be valued to best advantage for the charity.

RNIB (request pre-paid envelope)