How does it work


Call me for a FREE no obligation chat so I can understand what you are looking for.


Dreaming of a calm, inviting, organised home?

If you want a unique approach to not only help you clear what you no longer need but to suggest simple changes to keep things as you want long term, then call me to find out how.

Online Session:


1 hour each (typically 1-3 hrs)


You get:-

Someone to coaches you through the process, guidance on where to start, point out ways to get the project done most efficiently, support to know what to keep and what to let go of, uncover potential reasons why clutter builds up, advise on potential challenges you might not have thought of, advice on how to proceed after the session, follow up call at end of project (30mins).

On-site Session: 

Minimum 3 hrs (typically 3-10 hours)


You get:-

As above.

An extra pair of hands for the hard work, advice on how to proceed after the session.


1. We work together using live video or in-person (using Covid guidelines)
2. First, we declutter, moving through each area step by step
3. Then we organise, arranging items in a way that works for you, using simple principles. I can suggestion storage solutions if required
4. To help you continue after our session I send through helpful guides & ticklists 


~ For on-site, we’ll discuss COVID guidelines before.

~ I ask you to find some examples on Pinterest of how you’d like the space to look at the end. This helps you visualise the goal & for me to prepare options for you.
~ I ask clients to have labelled boxes or bin bags ready to go before the session. I’ll let you know the label system by email; ‘Charity donation’, ‘Recycle’, ‘Re-home’ etc.

From Pinterest

> Contact me
> We talk through what you want
> We agree how may hours you need and confirm cost
> If you are happy, we book a Online Session
> We work together to clear and organise the space

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