How does it work


Call me for a FREE no obligation chat so I can understand what you are looking for.


Dreaming of a calm, inviting, organised home?

Call me to find out how I can help create space in your home and life with a declutter and organising service.

On-site Session: 

£150 half / £250 full-day

Minimum half-day (4 hours)




You get:-

An instant transformation

Editing and organising of the space

Permanent organising system in place

Support to know what to let go of

Uncover potential reasons why clutter builds up

I bring a selection of organising products to try

Bespoke storage design advice

Sourcing of appropriate products and storage

A removal/selling service available too (£35)

Free travel from TN4 up to 20 miles each way. Additional travel £0.45 per mile.


Power Hour:


£45 per hour

1 hour

(typically clients use 1-3 sessions)


You get:-

 A real impact on the area you want to change

Guidance on where to start

Remove any overwhelm

We work through items one by one live on the call

Editing and organising of the space 

Motivation to make sure it gets done

Support to know what to let go of

Uncover potential reasons why clutter builds up

Bespoke storage design & product advice

Also available as Gift Vouchers

Live Online Workshops: 

£15 to £150

Organise your Kitchen like a Pro

1 – 5 hours

You get:-

How to transform your home, room by room

Declutter steps to follow

How to organise guides & checklists

Product recommendations 

Your own questions answered

Hear other peoples stories/challenges

(typically 6-10 people attending)

Also available as Gift Vouchers


1. We work together in-person or using live video
2. First, we declutter, moving through each area of your home or office step by step
3. Then I organise, arranging items in a way that works for you, using simple principles. I will suggest storage solutions, if required

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> Contact me
> We talk through what you want
> We agree how may hours you need and confirm cost
> If you are happy, we book a Online or In-person Session
> We work together to clear and organise the space

The Little Organising Company donates monthly to Crisis UK, as everyone should have access to a safe, calm and nurturing home.

The Little Organising Company  

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