Jewellery Storage Ideas

Jewellery Storage Ideas – 30 second video

How to organise your jewellery

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When organising your jewellery choose carefully the storage you use. This will help keep it tidy with less effort.


My top tips are:


  • Lay all your jewellery out on a bed or floor
  • Get rid of broken or unwanted items – see my Donation Directory for re-home options
  • Divide into categories, rings, earrings, different lengths of necklaces then chose storage to match what you have
  • For drawers use dividers to make into smaller sections so it stays tidy as you look for items
  • Use the inside doors of cupboards for long hanging items
  • For a box on display choose one with a lot of compartment options 
  • See video for ideas


Old or broken jewellery can be donated to charity – see My Donation Directory for links and details 

Not on the high street storage
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stackers jewellry box

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