How to Organise an Annoying Cupboard 4 min video – Get Organised: How to sort out that Annoying Cupboard   Get my help organising your home here How to make a cupboard work better for you   Edit and declutter Remove and recycle out-of-date, crusty or broken items Decide if something really needs to be in here  If it’s backstockContinue reading “How to Organise an Annoying Cupboard”

How to create the perfect playroom

Get my help organising a playroom Top hacks for Organising a Playroom: 2 minute read     1. Colour   Pinterest – John Lewis – @the_home_edit Pinterest – Divide playroom items by colour: Humans are very visual, categorising by colour is a great way for any child or adult to find something. UseContinue reading “How to create the perfect playroom”

The Organised Wardrobe 2 min video – The Organised Wardrobe: Before and After Transformation If you have any questions about what I did or the products get in contact.     What my client said:  “Imogen kept my thinking on track, she asked pragmatic questions, and continually queried how we were organising would work for me andContinue reading “The Organised Wardrobe”

The secret to being more productive working from home

Your Home Office “We all get distracted, it’s how we manage this that counts” To start with, think about what you like best about working from home? Maybe it’s more sleep in the morning or being able to get involved with daily family activities? What have you enjoyed doing and what really matters to you?Continue reading “The secret to being more productive working from home”

Top 5 ways to organise shoes Shoe Storage – Top 5 ways to keep shoes tidy – 1 min video What is a declutter Power Hour? Shoe storage ideas 1 minute read   How to maximise shoe storage and keep it tidy:   Get editing, are you holding on to shoes you don’t use? If you are keeping a pairContinue reading “Top 5 ways to organise shoes”

Best Basket Storage Basket Storage – How to use baskets in your home – 3 min video How you can use baskets in your home 1 minute read   Why I use baskets for storage in my home:   Eco-friendly, coming from fast growing crops Biodegradable at end of life Long-lasting if cared for Available from FairtradeContinue reading “Best Basket Storage”

Jewellery Storage Ideas Jewellery Storage Ideas – 30 second video How to organise your jewellery 1 minute read   When organising your jewellery choose carefully the storage you use. This will help keep it tidy with less effort.   My top tips are:   Lay all your jewellery out on a bed or floor Get rid ofContinue reading “Jewellery Storage Ideas”