Declutter and Organising Takeaways

Prepare the space for your declutter: Make space to work in. Label bags ready to put in charity shop donations, recycling, rubbish and items to sell. Look at Pinterest or in magazines to get an image of what you want your room to look like eventually – it will give you ideas and provides motivationContinue reading “Declutter and Organising Takeaways”

Top 3 wasy for an Eco Christmas

See 3 easy ways to be eco-friendly at Christmas (and give yourself more time too) Gifts   What is enough? Try to avoid last-minute buying. You’ve probably got enough already. Everything we buy will eventually be thrown away. So consider this with what you buy and consider what extra clutter you might be adding toContinue reading “Top 3 wasy for an Eco Christmas”

How to Organise an Annoying Cupboard 4 min video – Get Organised: How to sort out that Annoying Cupboard   Get my help organising your home here How to make a cupboard work better for you   Edit and declutter Remove and recycle out-of-date, crusty or broken items Decide if something really needs to be in here  If it’s backstockContinue reading “How to Organise an Annoying Cupboard”