How to organise sentimental items

How to edit and organise your sentimental items and mementos? Reminding you of happy times, people or places.   Ticket stubs, stickers, old school books, your children’s paintings, beloved childhood teddy bears, whatever it is, you are likely to have some items which are very precious and you don’t want to part with.    TopContinue reading “How to organise sentimental items”

The secret to organsing your home

TOP 3 TIPS TO ORGANISING ANY SPACEOnce you’ve decluttered your wardrobe or home it’s time to organise. The fun bit. A few simple changes can make it easier to find what you want when you need it. Before you start moving things around, stop and take a good look at the space you have andContinue reading “The secret to organsing your home”

5 Easy ways to Declutter your bathroom

5 EASY WAYS TO DECLUTTER YOUR BATHROOM – YOUR 15 MINUTE CHALLENGE. Your bathroom is a great place to focus precious decluttering time. For Minimum effort you can get maximum results. Use these top 5 tips… 1. OUT OF DATE Start by getting rid of out-of-date products or anything that looks old and crusty (medicines,Continue reading “5 Easy ways to Declutter your bathroom”