How to organise sentimental items

How to edit and organise your sentimental items and mementos?

Reminding you of happy times, people or places.


Ticket stubs, stickers, old school books, your children’s paintings, beloved childhood teddy bears, whatever it is, you are likely to have some items which are very precious and you don’t want to part with. 


Top tips for editing and organising these:

  • Keep sentimental items together
  • Designate a box to keep mementos in
  • Choose a pretty or decorative box, making the most of what you cherish
  • Keep accessible so you can add or review items
  • Allocate one box for each member of the family
  • Don’t keep something just because it was a gift unless you really want it, once a gift is given its job is done
  • Decide how many of an item is enough?
  • Choose one or two of the same item, keep your favourite
  • Scan or photograph items instead of keeping items, this is a really effective way of letting go of items if you have limited storage space. 
  • Only keep what makes you smile, this may change over time, so do review your items intermittently
  • Frame or make a display feature of special items

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