Top 5 wardrobe organising products

To help keep your wardrobe tidy long-term use containers or products to divide up certain categories of clothes and accessories.


Which are the products that really make a difference and are worth getting?


Here are 5 organising products I always recommend to my clients. Simple, cost-effective and flexible for most cupboards, drawers and wardrobe space.


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1. SKUBB box of 6 £5


Divide up drawers or wardrobe space into any combination with this multipack. Use for different categories of clothes to keep organised, keeping easy to see what you have and stopping them getting messed up. Hard wearing and made of 100% recycled polyester. Use with folded items like t-shirts or use with loose things like balled up socks., although anything works in them.

2. Songmic space saving hangers

Songmics Velvet Hangers 50 Pack £21

If space is limited in your wardrobe consider swapping to space saving hangers. Not only will you fit more in, it will look neater and I find things stay on the hangers better than plastic, metal or wooden ones. I prefer the black colour. which looks smarter and make clothes stand out.

Songmic on Amazon

3. Drawer pocket dividers

Maxporium 4 piece drawer organiser £14


I’d recommend these for keeping socks underwear or bras organised. It’s a really visual way of seeing what you have which is helpful and nothing gets mixed up.


Although the quality of these items can be variable they are really useful. See John Lewis for a study version for larger items like sports leggings or t-shirts.

Maxiporium on Amazon
Anyday organiser from John Lewis
Skubb with compartments from Ikea

4. Hanging storage

Skubb white hanging shelves £7

mDesign set of 2 hanging shelves £21


If you have hanging rails and more clothes than you can fit in, then swap to some hanging shelves. You’ll fit so much more in and it will be easier to see what you have. I have limited wardrobe space myself and I use this method to maximize my storage. If you have very easily creased or delicate items you might want to hang these still. This also works well with the Skudd storage compartments to divide up clothes on these ‘shelves’.

5. Shelf dividers

iDesign shelf dividers from John Lewis £10


If you have open shelves, keep items separate and tidy with shelve dividers. I’ve included photos of a study version from iDesign and The Home Edit at John Lewis, although others examples are available on amazon.

And some other great ones...

Lined Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets from The Basket Company


Great for storing loose items in an organised way. Works well for scarves, socks or underwear. The lining protects delicate items inside from snagging on the wicker and can be removed and washed when required over time.

Vacum Packs (for Seasonal Storage)

Swap over summer and winter items to make more space. Lots of good ones out there. This one is from John Lewis.

Make up storage

Divide up make-up to keep it tidy and organised. This extendable version is good to maximise space in drawers. Lots of versions of clear plastic storage is available, try Homesense, and this one at John Lewis.

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