Top 5 ways to organise toys

Lizreneedavis com Get my help organising a child’s bedroom Top hacks for Organising Toys: 2 minute read       1. Ikea Kallax storage   Ikea – Kallax unit Pinterest – source unknown Our Doherty Life – Pinterest Add Ikea Kallax storage unit(s): Use for larger toys and games Label each container by toy typeContinue reading “Top 5 ways to organise toys”

How to create the perfect playroom

Get my help organising a playroom Top hacks for Organising a Playroom: 2 minute read     1. Colour   Pinterest – John Lewis – @the_home_edit Pinterest – Divide playroom items by colour: Humans are very visual, categorising by colour is a great way for any child or adult to find something. UseContinue reading “How to create the perfect playroom”

The Organised Wardrobe 2 min video – The Organised Wardrobe: Before and After Transformation If you have any questions about what I did or the products get in contact.     What my client said:  “Imogen kept my thinking on track, she asked pragmatic questions, and continually queried how we were organising would work for me andContinue reading “The Organised Wardrobe”

Best Basket Storage Basket Storage – How to use baskets in your home – 3 min video How you can use baskets in your home 1 minute read   Why I use baskets for storage in my home:   Eco-friendly, coming from fast growing crops Biodegradable at end of life Long-lasting if cared for Available from FairtradeContinue reading “Best Basket Storage”