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Firstly, why bother folding your clothes?

And when I say ‘folding’ I mean folding clothes in a certain way so they are easily seen when you open your drawer or cupboard e.g. upright in drawers in containers,  you can also do this on shelves.

  • Easier to find what you want
  • You can see what you have quickly, saving time
  • Keeps clothes tidy 
  • Avoiding messing up clothes as you look for items
  • Looks better
  • Best used with containers
  • If you have limited hanging storage, folding clothes will take up less space
Maxporium @Amazon
@Johnlewis @thehomeedit
Skubb @Ikea

Ways to fold

1.. T-shirt  – the pocket method (from @out_of_horder)

2. Hoodie – the pocket method (from @out_of_horder)

3. Jeans (or other trousers) – the non-pocket method 

4. Sun Top – the pocket method 

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