Top 5 tips to decluttering your sportswear

Photo by Emma Simpson from Unsplash Top 5 tips for decluttering your sportwear Are you exercising more or less to unlock down? Do you like what you wear? Do you feel comfortable in it?  Either way this is a great time to have a look at your sportswear and see what you actually want toContinue reading “Top 5 tips to decluttering your sportswear”

How to increase productivity working from home and get organised

We all have work that needs to get done but are you being as productive as possible now working from home is a reality and likely to continue long-term? What do productive people do to stop getting distracted and even increase productivity? Here are simple yet effective ways to unlock home working and get organisedContinue reading “How to increase productivity working from home and get organised”


Are your cupboards overflowing? Can you find everything you need? Here is how your kitchen can work better for you and your family… By Imogen Murphy 9 Apr 2020 Includes each area of the kitchen with a guide & checklists 1. The Kitchen 2.The Fridge3. The Freezer4. Kitchen Cupboards 5. Worktops & Kitchen Equipment6. Pots,Continue reading “ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ORGANISING YOUR KITCHEN”

The secret to decluttering your house or any space

THE SECRET TO DECLUTTERING YOUR HOME The hardest thing about decluttering your house is noticing that a space is no longer working for you and deciding to do something about it. Notice & commit. Remembering a few simple principles will help you get the most impact for the time you have to declutter. 1. NOTICEContinue reading “The secret to decluttering your house or any space”

The secret to organsing your home

TOP 3 TIPS TO ORGANISING ANY SPACEOnce you’ve decluttered your wardrobe or home it’s time to organise. The fun bit. A few simple changes can make it easier to find what you want when you need it. Before you start moving things around, stop and take a good look at the space you have andContinue reading “The secret to organsing your home”

5 Top tips to keep your houseplants looking gorgeous

TOP 5 TIPS TO CARE FOR YOUR HOUSEPLANTS You want your house to be as gorgeous as possible at the moment. Healthy house plants are an important part of this. Making sure they are fit and healthy will make your house look better and you feel great. 1. WATERING Be consistent. Keep the potting soilContinue reading “5 Top tips to keep your houseplants looking gorgeous”

5 Great ways to recycle you bras

Not all charity shops will take your bras to be re-homed. But there are still loads of places that want them. 1. Against Breast Cancer – bra bank, raising money for research into breast cancer 2. Smalls for all – distributes underwear to help women and children in Africa and the UK. 3. OxfamContinue reading “5 Great ways to recycle you bras”

5 Easy ways to Declutter your bathroom

5 EASY WAYS TO DECLUTTER YOUR BATHROOM – YOUR 15 MINUTE CHALLENGE. Your bathroom is a great place to focus precious decluttering time. For Minimum effort you can get maximum results. Use these top 5 tips… 1. OUT OF DATE Start by getting rid of out-of-date products or anything that looks old and crusty (medicines,Continue reading “5 Easy ways to Declutter your bathroom”