Top 3 Declutter Projects in Lockdown

Where do you start when you want to get cracking on decluttering and editing your home?

Lockdown may mean daily life is more chaotic than ever, more people living and working for longer in the same space. 


The key to making progress on editing and organising your home is to start on projects which are:


  • Achievable
  • Simple
  • You can do in multiple small time chunks
  • Don’t make too much mess
  • Make you feel like you are making progress
  • You are able to re-home what you don’t want

Your 3 Quick Projects

  1. Plastic containers
    • Remove unmatched lids

    • Recycle damaged ones

    • Decide how many you actually use

    • Donate the rest


2. Re-home unwanted Bras

    • Remove any which don’t fit you

    • Any that are damaged

    • Or you just don’t wear


Post to Against Breast Cancer or @Smallsforall


3. Edit your sportswear

    • Decide what you actually use

    • Remove damaged items

    • Only keep what you feel comfortable in

Donate your preloved clothes online in lockdown to:



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