How products can help you stay organised in the kitchen

What’s the secret to keeping your kitchen organised and clutter-free for the long-term. A few carefully chosen organising products can really help keep your cupboards tidy and organised long after you’ve sorted them out. Here are some I’ve used myself which are still look like this months and years afterwards.


Here’s how using step 1, 2 & 3


It is hard to find things, everything keeps getting jumbled up

Step 1.

Get everything out and do a really good edit.

Think carefully about who actually uses it and how often. Ideally, a kitchen only has items accessible which are used weekly, with maybe monthly use items in harder to reach cupboards. Decide if it’s worth taking up valuable space in your home. 

Step 2.

Choose suitable organising products

Choose products which fit your cupboards, divide up the space with products to keep similar items together. Always look to see what you already have, go for the eco option and use your old lid-less Tupperware pots or takeaway containers. In this case, something a little different was needed and these fitted perfectly from Ikea. I was inspired by @Out_Of_Hoarder on Instagram. 

Step 3. After

And finally

Add your product, try to use height of items to keep everything visible, larger items at the back. This helps everyone know where to find items and it makes it easier to put them back and keep it tidy. Use labels if it helps guide others to know where things go.

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