Top 5 tips to organising your kitchen cupboards

Top 5 tips to organise your kitchen cupboards...

1. Tackle one cupboard at a time

“It will take longer than you think & you want the satisfaction of finishing in the time you have.”

2. Remove everything from the cupboard

“Put it all out on your worktop, so you can see everything. You’ll find things you’d forgotten you had” 

3. Remove out of date products, put duplicates together

“Clean containers & recycle. You might want to keep some to help organise items when you put back.”

4. Ask yourself: Will I use it?

“Ask yourself this before putting items back. Don’t waste your valuable cupboard space or food if it could be re-homed.”

5. Use clear containers to keep items together

“If you can see it, you’ll use it. Keep items you use often at the front of the cupboard”

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