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Book & Community hub

The Year of Less - Cait Flanders

Great story of how she worked her way to clear $30,000 of debit  and the process learnt about her own patterns of unhelpful behaviour around food, shopping and money.

Personal and honest. Lots I felt I could relate to my own life and simple if challenging lessons for all. Also available free on the UK Library audio app’ Libby’, which is how I found it. See her on IG @caitflanders


A Life Less Throwaway: The lost art of buying for life - Tara Button

Lifts the lid on the selling psychology we are exposed to everyday – includes the reasons why things don’t last the way they used to. Understand the history, science and reality of how we are persuaded to replace what we already own. 

Informative and you cannot unlearn this stuff once you know it. Founder of Buymeonce – Selling items fit to last from umbrellas to cooking pots at

You Tube TV

Living Big in a Tiny House - Bryce Langston

Inspiration and great ideas from amazing homes with incredibly small storage, beautiful places all around the world. Hear interesting stories of how, why people made the change to debt fee living.  

Multiple 15-17min episodes 

Amazing Tiny home Washington


Declutter Hub

Professional organiser’s Ingrid and Lesley based in the UK talk you through how to declutter and organise different parts of the house.  A comprehensive resource with real-life examples from their work with clients. Find on IG @declutterhub

100+ 1 hour episodes from your podcast app


NPR - Planet Money

A podcast I love from the US’s equilivent of the BBC. Economics to awe and explain the real world.  The link between clutter and our money is maybe not talked about enough and this opened my mind to how finance defines the world and my own too. Amazing storytelling.

100+ 20min episodes


Get organised - The Home Edit

A social media success story @thehome edit and Professional Organisers Clea and Joanna. 

Join them on Netflixs as they organise a room for clients, including celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, who also produces the show. Buy their organising  products @thecontainerstore and @johnlewis

8 x 1-hour episodes

Book, Netflixs & You Tube

Spark Joy with Marie Kondo

Growing up in a 1 room apartment with her family in Japan instilled the art of making the most of any space. Read her book ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’ or watch her programmes to understand her category based method of decluttering. Also, see her online training course.

8 x 1-hour episodes


The Art of Declutting

Professional Organisers Amy Revell and Kirsty Farrugia are Professional Organisers based in Sydney, Australia. A chatty podcast where they talk in-depth about how they help their clients get homes organised and decluttered. Find on IG @theartofdecluttering

100+ 1 hour episodes from your podcast app


Nudge - Thaler & Sunstein

Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Richard Thaler, and Cass Sunstein. Improving decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness. How small decisions you make every day can have big results. Eye opening.

Again I found it on the Library audio app’ Libby’, which is free in the UK. I find non fiction books easier to listen to than read.


Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Author of the 4 tendencies theory of personality – explaining why we do what we do.  Advice about happiness and good habits in this lively, thought-provoking podcast, often with guests and her sister.

‘Act the way you feel’ GR

Find her on IG @gretchenrubin

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