Easy tips for an Eco-friendly Christmas

See my 1 minute video below – for Eco-friendly Christmas:

(2 minute read + video)


Is it hard to find a balance between all the fun plastic stuff we buy for Christmas and the impact on people and our planet?


See below easy steps you can take:


(Source: The Soil Association)


– Only give gifts that people really need, avoid adding clutter to your loved ones homes

– Don’t guess, ask people what they want

– Make this year’s Christmas dinner an organic feast (budget allowing, think quality not quantity)

– Buy recycled wrapping paper & cards (avoid glitter and shiny stuff which cannot be recycled)

– Agree to buy secret Santa Gifts from a charity shop

– Avoid last-minute shopping for ‘top up’ presents (don’t be tempted by throwaway items)
– Remember presents aren’t the focus of Christmas, even for children

– Agree on a budget for children to work to for their Christmas Lists


Sustainable Gift Ideas:-

  • Buy gifts made from sustainable materials (Wooden toys, Organic beauty products, gifts made from existing material) @naturalcollection
  • Reduce Chrismas debt and get creative – give a promise voucher for babysitting, a summer picnic by a river or a free town walk @talesof tunbridgewells

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