Shopping bag storage

How to organise shopping bags

Do your shopping bags take up loads of room? Are they overflowing?


  1. Edit
  • Decide how many you really need
  • Be ruthless and only keep what you use
  • Remove damaged ones


  2. Organise

  • Divide into 2 or 3 different types (depending on what you use them for e.g Reusable ones, thin plastic, paper bags etc.)
  • Use a container for each type
  • A hanging container might work better for you
  • Fold or knot up where possible
  • This takes up much less space
  • The key to keeping tidy is maintaining it. It takes a conscious effort to fold but it only takes a few seconds each time
  • If you don’t want to fold make sure you keep each type in the container so you know where to find each type you use
  • You might want to keep a container of bags in the boot of your car (which will need to be topped up)


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