Top 5 ways to organise toys

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Top hacks for Organising Toys:

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1. Ikea Kallax storage

Ikea - Kallax unit
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Add Ikea Kallax storage unit(s):

  • Use for larger toys and games
  • Label each container by toy type
  • Use a photo label to help kids keep their own stuff tidy
  • Use new box dividers if necessary to keep categories separate
  • Create additional storage and add on top of other cabinets (secure to the wall)


2. Sort by Colour

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Divide toys or games items by colour:

  • Humans are very visual, categorising by colour is a great way for any child or adult to find something.
  • Use with clear containers or jars
  • Works well with books, games, books, lego, clothes and craftstoys


3. Use a trolley

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Create flexible storage:

  • Compact, fun and easy to move around 
  • Easy for kids to see what they have
  • Store items upright where you can


4. Hang stuff up

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Make more space using vertical storage:

  • Get creative
  • Use backs of doors, walls and ceilings


5. Zone the room

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Divide playroom into areas (do this even if you don’t have much space):

  • Stand back and look at the activities your child or teenager does now
  • Categorise and put similar things together
  • Then match the storage to each of these

You might want to consider zones for
Dress up
Desk for homework 
Messy play
Lego or Duplex
Large toys
Soft toys

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