How to Organise an Annoying Cupboard

4 min video – Get Organised: How to sort out that Annoying Cupboard


How to make a cupboard work better for you


  • Edit and declutter
  • Remove and recycle out-of-date, crusty or broken items
  • Decide if something really needs to be in here 
  • If it’s backstock or rarely used,  store it in harder-to-access places (I put a few items in the attic in a storage box) 


Why? The less stored in a cupboard the easier it will be to access what you actually need 

  • Measure up the cupboard
  • Choose containers that fit exactly


Tip: Cut baking parchment to fit the bottom of a drawer or cupboard then take this to the shops and try out what fits


  • Add drawers or shelves to maximise the storage space
  • Choose quality products, more likely to be functional longer term, reducing waste
  • Group the same times together
  • Use smaller containers to divide up larger containers if required
  • You might want to separate out different people’s stuff – if this helps keep it organised
  • Label containers if required
Products used in the video:
The home Edit & Idesign storage drawer @Johnlewis
The home Edit & Idesign bin organiser Small @Johnlewis
Various fridge bins from @homesense
If you have any questions about what I did or the products get in contact.


See where to recycle, donate or sell your unwanted items see my Donation Directory

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