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Using glass jars in the kitchen

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Why use jars?


Anyone can easily see what stock you have and how much is left of it. It looks great and there is the simple pleasure of pouring rice into a glass container. For an extra touch add a label – see my video hack above.


My top tips are:


  • Use glass (a bit more sustainable) or plastic containers
  • Use sturdy jars or washed out produce jars are fine
  • Measure shelf/cupboard before buying jars to make sure you get the right fit 
  • Match jar size to produce e.g I use Risotto rice more than normal rice so I have a larger jar for that.
  • Try square jars, to use space more economically, see Eden and Willow
  • For a better look – buy all the same jar style and if on display, use groups of three or fives, looks more appealing.
  • I use a combination of Maddison jars, Eden and Willow square jars and M&S on a pull-out rack. I tend to use jars with wooden lids.
  • At end of life check if the glass can be recycled (toughen glass can not be recycled in the normal way)
  • See the video for more ideas


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