Top 5 ways to organise shoes

Shoe storage ideas

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How to maximise shoe storage and keep it tidy:


  • Get editing, are you holding on to shoes you don’t use?
  • If you are keeping a pair of shoes just for sentimental reasons, put them in a mementos box or on display – don’t keep them with your everyday shoes.
  • Add actual storage to where you keep your shoes (not just in a pile)
  • If this is overflowing – can you store less-used shoes elsewhere?
  • Consider storing out of season footwear away
  • Maximise hanging space (inside a cupboard/downstairs toilet door)
  • Don’t overfill the bottom of the wardrobe with shoe storage, this can add to a cluttered feel and it’s tempting to pile other stuff on top of it.
  • Consider investing in a simple modular wall unit (this way you can make it fit exactly what you have. See video for where to get.
  • Baskets work well for children’s shoes – label one container for each child – so they know where to put them away after use.
  • Change your shoe storage to reflect any change in lifestyle or hobbies. Make it work for you.


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