5 Easy ways to Declutter your bathroom


Your bathroom is a great place to focus precious decluttering time. For Minimum effort you can get maximum results. Use these top 5 tips…

1. OUT OF DATE Start by getting rid of out-of-date products or anything that looks old and crusty (medicines, makeup, etc).

2. DUPLICATES Put duplicate items together so you can see what you have, decant anything appropriate into one. You’ll see you have loads more than you thought of the same item and this will save time looking for it and money re-buying what you already have.

3. DAILY ITEMS AT THE FRONT Anything you use daily should be easy to access, at the front of any cabinet or drawer. If your bathroom storage is limited ONLY have frequently used items in your bathroom this saves time and frustration.

4. CLEAR CONTAINERS Separate items into clear containers according to type. This helps you find it quicker e.g. all makeup brushes upright in a glass jar. Keep everything visible in drawers and not hidden behind or underneath other things so you can remember what you have & find it quickly.

5. USE ALL AVAILABLE SPACE Maximise use of space everywhere you have. Using the inside of cupboards keeps work tops clutter-free. Think about using hooks or spice racks to help keep things visible and so easy to find.

Remember to recycle anything you no longer need.

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