Where to donate unwanted items now

After a fabulous declutter you just want to pass your pre-loved items to a new home but some places are still closed post lockdown  So where do you go?

Here is a list of places that are open and ready to take your items right now.  I’ve mentioned some in and around Tunbridge wells but I’ve also added some which should be applicable to wherever you are. Please let me know when and where you notice others.

Books, Music & DVDs

Oxfam, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge

– over 500 shops UK wide – find your local one here


Heart of Hospice – 4a Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells

Hospice in the Weald, 30 Camden Road, Mount Pleasant, Pembury High Street & Onsite at Hospice in Pembury (with well-organised containers for all donations)

Oxfam, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge – over 500 shops – find your local one here

For broken items which cannot be donated or sold

Broken electrical items, batteries, wood can all be recycled and the raw materials used in other goods. Please don’t just put in the bin, this will just be added to landfill. Made the effort and book a slot at your local recycling centre. 


All other working items

For the best ways to give items away or sell them see my previous blog

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