Top 5 tips to decluttering your sportswear

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Top 5 tips for decluttering your sportwear

Are you exercising more or less to unlock down? Do you like what you wear? Do you feel comfortable in it? 

Either way this is a great time to have a look at your sportswear and see what you actually want to keep. I really only have one top and legging combo I use most to exercise in. So i’m taking a good look at what I really need to keep,

 freeing up wardrobe space. Decluttering is making space in our lives for what we really want , freeing ourselves mentally and well as physically, so we make the most of the space we have in our homes. For this to work though we need to honest with ourselves about ‘why am i keeping this?’ and ‘how many items of each I really need?’. Looking a bit deeper will make it easier to let go of things you don’t need but also maintain the space you are looking for.


Here are my top tips when it comes to sportwear:

# 1


“By putting everything out on your bed you’ll probably find items you have never worn or forgot you had”


Seeing all your sportswear together is the best way to start your declutter. Nothing hiding, include socks, sports bras, trainers and sports footwear too.



“You might be surprised by what you own. Consider the storage space you have and ask yourself when did you last wear each item”



How much storage space do you have for your sportswear? Consider why you want to keep an item. If you cannot remember when you last used it. Why keep it? 

Does it fit you? If not donate it to a new home. Don’t hold on to things for the ‘if only’ situations. Your life as well as your home will feel more open and more spacious.



“Try it on each item. If there is a reason you’ve not worn it, remember why, then re-home”

If you are not sure about something in particular, wear it around the house tomorrow. You’ll soon remember if it’s the cut, colour or fit that you don’t like. Then donate it to a new home. 

You should feel good it all you wear, and that includes what you do sport or exercise in.



“If an item is damaged or stained and can’t be salvaged put it in textiles recycling”


Take a honest look at your kit.  A quick way to declutter what you own is to get rid of what isn’t fit for purpose anymore. Do this with your sports kit too.



“Make exercise as easy as possible, don’t keep items that are uncomfortable to wear”


Is it a bit tight? Does it ride up when you move it it? It’s time to give it a new home then. Sportwear should be comfortable and easy to have on. 

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